Dooit Live Rules and Regulation

NO PAYMENT NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Dooit Live ( “Game”) is a contest inside the Dooit application (“App”) developed by OVP Technologies, Inc. (“Company”). The Game is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Apple or Google or its subsidiaries or affiliates.


Ø ELIGIBILITY. Subject to these Rules and Regulations, the Game is open to anyone. Employees of the OVP Technologies Company and its respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, and advertising and promotion agencies and any other entity involved in the development or administration of this Game, and its immediate family members or household members are not eligible to participate in or win the Game. Ø INTERRUPTION OF GAME PLAY. Under certain conditions, proprietary applications (phone calls, text messages, low battery alerts, etc.) and 3rd party applications (‘External Applications’) running on a player’s smartphone may cause an interruption of the Game.  In some cases this interruption may cause the player’s participation in the Game. The Company does not and cannot guarantee normal operation of the Game should it be interrupted by an External Application. The Company does not and cannot warrant prizes and other reward components earned during the specific session will be properly allocated to the Player’s account. Players assume and accept all responsibility for the performance of the Company and of the Game outcome if affected by an External Application. Ø GRAPHICS WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised. Ø ACCOUNT TERMINATION. Players acknowledge that if they terminate or cancel their Dooit account, that all prizes, Dooit Cash Balances and other components are immediately forfeited and players make no claim and have no rights to the account and its prizing elements. Ø PRIZES. The winner of each game will receive a cash prize, determined in Company’s sole discretion. In the case of multiple winners, such players will split the Prize evenly. Ø PRIZE SELECTION. The winner of the Game will be the last persons remaining at the end of each game show match.  If there are multiple players remaining after at least 11 rounds of questions, such remaining players will split the Prize evenly. The total of accrued Prizes may be viewed through your DOOIT account. You will need a minimum Prize balance of RM 50 in your account to cash-out via bank deposit, third party services. Ø DISQUALIFICATION. The Company reserves the right to disqualify any player that does not comply to these Rules and Regulations or that demonstrate any attempt to circumvent normal gameplay. Ø INTERNET CONNECTIVITY.     • The Game requires the presence of an Internet Connection on your mobile device.  This connection may incur data use charges, and the player acknowledges that they are responsible for all data and Internet usage charges associated with gameplay.     • The Company is not responsible for the presence or quality of the Internet connection on the player’s mobile device. The Player acknowledges that the quality of the Internet connection may adversely affect gameplay and may affect the distribution of game prizes other components.  The Player’s mobile device must have an active and stable Internet connection in order to use DOOIT and participate in the Game.     • The Company does not warranty gameplay, prize accuracy or any other feature and function contained within its application framework during the absence of a valid Internet connection or for any other reason outside the normal limits of operation deemed to be acceptable by the Company.